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Interview of a high-class prostitute

October 29, 2016

Dear reader, I present this excerpt from an interview I did in London last month. I had a very open conversation with a high-class prostitute on her experiences in the most exclusive clubs of Madrid in the 80s. Happy reading!


Aurora K. is Spanish and now lives in south-west London, in the heart of the "Village" of Wimbledon. She belongs to one of the oldest families of the Spanish nobility, and she studied International Law in the 1980’s. She now works on behalf of the administration of the European Union with a wide range of British institutions.

Interview with a high class call-girl (Part II)

October 29, 2016

Philippe Nadouce

You said earlier that men only asked you to open your legs...


Aurora K.

Yes I did. They just want one thing. I told you that, for them, it is clear that a prostitute must first give them freedom. They can be what they really are! You'd be surprised at the amount of people who are still unable to say to their wives: "I want to sodomize you", for example. An incredible amount! That is to say that men do not dare... Most don’t even dare to say: "suck me!"

Interview of a High Class Prostitute (3rd Part)

October 29, 2016

There was, for example… I remember that we called her the “Fronton”, because she had the huge ass. She seemed not to be aware of how huge it was, poor her, but it was huge. She was a lady, a Milf as they call it nowadays, and she might have been in her late thirties. Thirty-odd... But in a bad shape; a face of bitterness; yes, a bitter person. A bottle blonde. She had a big ass and was always dressed in green, right? As Irma la Douce, the famous Billy Wilder’s character.

Was Antonio Machado a pedophile?

October 29, 2016

For journalists, teachers, historians, sociologists and writers, the self-censorship problem is absolutely inseparable from "objectivity", and many, like Howard Zinn, [1] have no longer any illusions on the matter: “objectivity? He said, is to avoid expressing a point of view. I knew indeed that a historian (or a journalist, or anyone telling a story) was forced to choose between an infinite number of facts, those that must be shown and those that should be omitted. And the author thus reflects, consciously or unconsciously, his interests".

"The idiots" from Lars Von trier; red Tories and hipsters hate that stuff

October 29, 2016

Lars Von Trier is a Danish filmmaker born in 1956 in Copenhagen. Enfant terrible of European cinema, this iconoclastic director and screenwriter seduced by Marxist philosophy, is one of the founders of the film movement "Dogma95" which uses simplified directing, editing, live sound recording, natural light and a camera on the shoulder.

Lars von Trier is an artist who tackles with talent, and sometimes with genius, the system of Western values with its stereotypes, and every single sacred aspect of it.

Relativity versus Quantum Physics (Part 1)

October 29, 2016

One of the most astonishing experiments of modern physics belongs to the field of quantum physics. Our ideas about the universe and the ultimate nature of matter were transformed by these discoveries.


The quantum version of Young's slits experiment was repeated many times in laboratories around the globe during the first three quarters of a century that preceded us. Each time, the results led to the same conclusions with admirable regularity.

The Quantum Diaries

October 29, 2016

When I draw the consequences of what I like in art forms that I can understand, I always come to the same conclusion: life, my life, everyone’s life, must necessarily be discontinuous. One could retort that consciousness is continuity; that from morning to night our existence takes place without interruption; a second follows another; the minutes pass and turn into hours, etc., and at every moment, we retain the intuition of being continuous ourselves.

The Quantum Diaries (Part II)

October 29, 2016

The “Quantum Diaries” were written as I began my theoretical research into quantum physics (Mathematically, only a handful of specialists are able to understand the complexity of it and I am not one of them).

These notes were written in the back and forth movement that occupied my mind between philosophy, neurobiology and theoretical quantum physics, and it is understood, will be of no use to these three disciplines.

Is the French nuclear industry under control?

October 29, 2016

"The French nuclear program does not shine by its desire for transparency", stressed Richard Black, the environmental specialist of the BBC, in September 12, 2011, the day of the Marcoule nuclear accident. This secrecy, shared by many independent experts on the subject, was confirmed since then by the unusual reaction of EDF, the company that owns the plant partly controlled by the French state. According to EDF and Energy Minister Eric Besson, it was an "industrial accident, not a nuclear accident".

What differentiates Chernobyl from Fukushima?

October 29, 2016

Many readers ask me the same question. Although the answer is highly complex, a major difference appears when comparing the extent of damage produced by the complete meltdown of the reactor cores in both plants.

In Chernobyl, the molten heart of the reactor (we are talking about a single reactor) never came into contact with radioactive water flowing out of the containment vessel; it never was in contact with the groundwater.

Fukushima, Chernobyl and radioactive Bananas (Part 1)

October 29, 2016

The term: “banana equivalent dose" is used in an ironic way to tackle false arguments from radiation experts who see no obvious threat in nuclear energy and radiation fallout. Yet it is necessary to differentiate background radioactivity discovered by the French physicist Henri Becquerel in 1886, and highly radioactive man-made isotopes that are not found in nature.

Paul Gauguin, or the truncated posterity of a maverick

October 29, 2016

Paul Gauguin did not escape the status of a "cursed" artist with all the unspeakable reactions against him which that entail. Relatives and enemies do not forgive him for having lived too much, for having used his senses and his freedom to the hilt, in defiance of the majority and morals! Boastful, opportunistic, duplicitous, adulatory at times, conceited, individualistic, fornicator, selfish and –this is what no one can stomach- plagiarist! Pissarro, Cézanne, Bernard and many others said it out loud! These grudges between painters are common. But no one must forget the "science of legitimate larceny" advocated by Goethe. The most original minds have always borrowed from each other

Did you use to hate your language teacher(s)?

October 29, 2016

Who didn't, at least once in a life time?

It shouldn't be the case; language teachers are nice people, like you and me. Actually, this terrible misunderstanding can be addressed quite easily by… educating your teachers.


Well, the following will give some insight about the art of teaching a second language or being able to complain in an articulate way if you pay a fortune for a poor language class.

Theatre - The Yellow House (Vincent Van Gogh's great project)

October 29, 2016

On the terrace at the train station cafe just before dawn. The road is empty and unlit. The large cafe is poorly lit and deserted. Vincent has set up his easel in front of the terrace. He paints with rapid strokes. He wears a large straw hat to which he has attached candles. He looks like a tramp; he's dirty, his clothes are speckled with paint and threadbare in places. Joseph Roulin, the postman, comes out of the station cafe with two cups of coffee.


VINCENT (To Roulin):

I really have to piss! Ah! Coffee! Pints and pints of coffee!

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