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Philippe Nadouce in New Orleans summer 2016

Author, poet, playwright and independent journalist. Born in Ile de Ré (France - 1965). Happy childhood in St. Martin de Ré. At the age of 15, he started studying his A-levels in La Rochelle. After his “baccalaureate”, he decided to study economics at the university of Poitiers (1983). In 1986, he changed his mind, and took a completely different route; he left college and started studying theatre at the “Cours Florent” in Paris. Period of intense learning, deep misery and depression.

In 1987, he decided to leave France and lived in Madrid. There, he met the man who became his first mentor; the actor and director, Angel Gutierrez. He studied theater for 4 years in its school and then collaborated with his theatre company.

In 1993, Philippe is awarded by the Arts and Letters of France for a theatrical work: “The River”. Seeking a producer, he met his second mentor, Critina Rota. With her and a group of young actors and artists he founded the theater: "Sala del Mirador" and the: “Nuevo Repertorio company”.

Period of intense creative activity.

He produced and wrote several plays: Scrap (1994), Doña Pistilo’s revolution (1995), the confession of Peter Lamek, museum guide (1998). This latter was produced at the Skylight Theatre in Bordeaux the following year.

After a while, he slowly started moving away from theater productions and focused on writing. Nonetheless, in 1999, he collaborated with Maria Fernandez Ache and worked on several of her projects. Tour in Egypt and Venezuela.

In 2001, he published his first novel, “The Madrid notebooks” (Editions Le Manuscript, Paris) and decided to devote himself to literature. In 2002, he moved to London. There, he worked with the theater director Sacha Wares (platforms), with the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), the English National Theatre, the Lyric Hammersmith (Bernarda Alba). He also staged a Tartuffe in 2003 for the Haymarket Theatre in Basingstoke (London).

In 2005 he began an academic career (South Bank University and London Metropolitan University). He is passionate about the bio-linguistic and Chomskyan theories of generative grammar (Master of Management of Language Learning at the University of Greenwich)

He writes and works today at the London Metropolitan University, SOAS University of London, the University of Westminster and the prestigious French business school ESCP Europe.

In February 2018, his last book, Louisiana, hit the shelves in France.

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